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What to Expect From Our Exterior Painting Contractor

Interior Painting in Escondido,CAAs you already know from the previous articles posted on this website, we specialize in providing painting services. On this page, we took the time to outline some of the things our painter can do for you when you book our excellent exterior painting services. Keep reading and if you have any questions, call Pro Home Improvement right away!

As with interior painting, we take the time needed to prepare all surfaces prior the new paint application. But before telling you how we do it, we will list down some of the things we have experience repairing. Take a look!

  • Wood – floors, decks, porches, fences, entry doors, window frames, trim work, outdoor furniture, children toys, and more.

  • Vinyl – siding, fences, machinery parts, items of all type, and more.

  • Cement – exterior walls, outdoor structures of any type, outdoor kitchens, and more.

As you can see, there are many things our painting contractor can repaint for you. Whether it is a new construction painting job or a renovation project in Escondido, CA, we will be more than happy to come to you and show you what professionalism means. Fully prepared and qualified for this job, our painters are looking forward to delivering the flawless results you deserve.

Let us get back to the preparation process. To prepare a wall or any other structure for painting first we have to thoroughly clean it. We use high-quality pressure washers and another type of equipment to make sure all the dirt is gone, the holes and cracks filled, and the surfaces sanded well and ready for the new paint application.

The next thing we do is to cover all surrounding landscape and other things so we can protect it from paint drops and other unforeseen issues. Once all this is set up, we move to the next step – the painting. By utilizing the best exterior paints and top-grade brushes and rollers, our painting contractor in Escondido, CA gives results that go above and beyond our clients’ highest expectations.

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If you are interested in using our professional services, please contact Pro Home Improvement to book an appointment for a consultation. If you are interested in learning what else we can do for you, please call us at (760) 388-2164 now. Our painting contractor is looking forward to becoming your trusted partner!

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